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About payment

One: Select basic information

Adapter, Ware-houses, Quantity
Adapter: Select the right one which you can use.
Ware-houses: A product is often in stock in multiple ware-houses, and the shipping cost of each ware~house is different, and the time limit is also different. Generally, the time limit of overseas ware-houses is relatively fast.
Quantity: Choice how much do you need.

Then: Add to cart

After That

Then add your address, email, code, phone number

You'll see the shipping method and price, also choice the way to payment. Before you payment, you can check again your adapter, ware-house ect, messages. Also it'll shows the total price. After this, you can payment. GTMEDIA will delivery item within 1 working after your payment. Also if you have any problem, you can leava messages.



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